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Every situation is different which requires offering workable solutions combined with gratifying creative designs based on the homeowner’s personal style and surrounding architecture. Most of my customers are either DIY’ers or are interested in having a plan in hand before they begin their project. My design philosophy is based on ‘visual’ impact and placing the right plants in the right location based on culture, size, texture, and color. I provide my clients with detailed plant reference information so they can make well informed decisions when they start shopping for their plants or working with an individual landscape installer.

This is how I work with you as a client: First we will meet at your home for a walk-n-talk about what you are looking to achieve in your landscape. This will give me the opportunity to ask you questions to get a feel of your needs and planting environment. During this onsite evaluation, I will take many digital photos of the areas to be designed. There is a one-time fee associated with this visit determined by your location.

Second we will determine a good timeframe to have the design ready. Usually it is no more than 2 weeks, sometimes sooner or later depending on the extent of your goals. An estimate is provided at this time for the cost of your design package based on number of areas to be designed and complexity.

Third, we will meet again at your home where I will present your complete design package on my laptop and provide a hardcopy for you to take in hand as you ponder your future landscape and visit nurseries to look over the plants recommended.

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Landscape Design: UrnLandscape Design: Birdbath

Your complete landscape design package includes...
1. Color digital printed images of your home with the recommended plants superimposed so you get a real visual feel of what the design will look like once installed. This is the most helpful tool to most clients. It helps you to see the proposed layout, colors, scale, and elements of your design. Remember to click on the images and photos to enlarge them as you browse my pages!



2. PowerPoint demonstration of all the plants in your design with detailed explanations of the plant’s needs and growing habits. This provides you with more than just the typical plant name and exposure conditions. It gives you a sense of the plants’ maintenance requirements, blooming cycles, soil needs, and cultivars available. You get a CD of this presentation to keep.



3. Overhead plan views to scale on 8.5 x 11 sized graph lined sheets to help guide you or your installer on how to position your plants appropriately based on growing sizes in your landscape design. This helps you to not overcrowd your planting areas and/or plan for the right size beds, etc. It will give you a sense of the number of plants involved and scale of the site to be planted as you plan ahead.

Armed with all of the above, you will proceed from dreams to reality! Feel free to call me with questions at 860.977.9473.


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