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Garden Club Presentations
Fall is probably the time when I receive the most requests to speak at clubs because that is when the season’s activity in the garden quiets down and we all can sit back to learn more for the next year’s gardening adventures. However, I am available year-round to speak to your clubs or groups. Let me know of your needs and I will work with you to design a presentation to suit your group’s desires.

Topics currently available:

Landscape Designs and Tips: This presentation discusses my overall landscape design process including the onsite evaluation, considerations for designing, digital photography, working with imaging software, and challenges faced in landscapes with solutions. The top 10 things you should ask a landscape designer and why is covered. The best part is you can raffle off a free design as part of this presentation to your group, and I will reveal the design created for the winner during this lecture!

Late and Fall Blooming Perennials: Often overlooked is the beauty you can achieve late in the season in your gardens by using fall blooming perennials in great combinations with shrubs. Mums are not your only option! This talk reviews fall beauties and can be held at a local nursery were plants discussed are displayed. If interested, contact me about your location and I’ll work out the details for your group with a reputable nursery where possible.

The Secrets to Container Gardening: This talk is all about how to achieve stunning designs and the secrets to container care. It includes a demo and presentation projected on large screen of designs, techniques, plants winners, and color tools used to achieve success. Raffle off the container garden assembled by me after this presentation to your group and they will surely be happy to take it home! And if you prefer to have a hands-on event with all your members versus a lecture, please check out my Container Gardening Parties as an alternative way to learn about container gardening and all its benefits. It is held at a host’s home with their guests invited.

The Care and Pruning of Perennials: This lecture covers 20 favorite perennials and how to prune and care for them to achieve the best look in your garden. It also includes information about soil preparation, mulch, bed sizes and spacing, and common disease problems. Submit questions from your group in advance to add any particular plants of interest or burning questions you need answered and I will work them into this presentation for your group.

From Spring to Fall Combinations: This talk is about how to use perennials in combination with tropical plants, annuals, indoor plants, and even shrubs in container garden combinations that last from the first signs of spring all the way into fall. A container is demonstrated and spring blooming perennials are discussed. This session is best held in early to mid spring. Nothing is more gratifying than transplanting perennials and shrubs from your beautiful container gardens that held your attention all summer long to the ground in the fall for continued enjoyment in your gardens of the future!

If there is a particular topic you would like presented, do not hesitate to contact me. As we know, horticulture trends vary year to year and I would be happy to create and share any knowledge I have available to suit your group’s needs.


“Very informative lecture! I've never had such a beautiful container.”
Maryse Kettle


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