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Container Gardening

Cathy Testa shares her 5 Must Do's for success with Container Gardening on television program, CT Style, on WTNH.com. Take a peek at the type of information she shares on this video clip. She reveals even more at her Container Garden Parties and Garden Talks from design secrets to maintenance techniques.

Cathy T says, "I once heard a seasoned gardener say....I once heard a seasoned gardener say that Container Gardening is for amateurs. I couldn’t disagree more! Container Gardening is my passion and was the catalyst for me in exploring nature, gardening, design, and learning about plants. Yes, it is true that it is great for beginning gardeners, but Container Gardening is not a trend anymore, it is a staple in our gardens and around our homes, especially for those with limited spaces or not a lot of time".

Container Gardens can add structure, create niches, serve as focal points, and enhance your surroundings. The list is endless. Take a look at any professionally landscaped home or well-known botanical gardens in any number of places and you will see containers adding the punch to the whole scene. If you enjoy this facet of gardening as much as me, here’s an idea of how I can help you enjoy the benefits of Container Gardening:

Container Gardening Party: Host a Container Gardening Party at your home where I bring all the plants and you invite your guests! These at-home parties are such a big hit because they are not only fun, but informational and convenient. I help you and your guests learn how to create stunning container designs and provide tips on color, structure, care, feeding, maintenance, etc. Just be sure to book early because the dates run out fast, especially in April-May timeframe. A service fee plus the cost of the plants selected by your guests at the party is your only charge. See Garden Center Magazine article (pg. 28), Fete in a Pot to learn more about these parties! And, click this link: Container Garden Parties for information on how it all happens!

Container Gardening Assembly: Hire me to assemble Container Gardens at your home. I can help you select containers to suit focal points around your home, in your gardens, by your pool, again - the options are endless. I will deliver the plants to your home with the appropriate soil mix, nutrients, and assemble captivating designs for you. If you enjoy instant gratification and don’t like to get dirty – I’m here to help you. We can meet to determine your needs and set up an appropriate budget.

Container Garden Lectures: I’m available for groups or garden clubs to come to you with a presentation on Container Garden designs, techniques, and process. This includes a demo of the process followed by a PowerPoint presentation on screen for all to enjoy. A presentation fee plus cost of documentation applies. Click on Garden Club Presentations page for more details.

Writing about Container Gardens: If you have an event of your own related to container gardening, and need someone to write a story for you or your club, contact me. I’ve written articles for garden clubs which include plant description information and winning plants. Fee based on type of project.


“Looks like fun! You had a great selection of plants there.”
Steve Silk, garden writer and photographer


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